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& Client Feedback

My experience with Jenn was profound. We found many soul aspects that I felt so familiar with as in a deja vu. It's almost like a dream that you can partly remember. In my daily life, now, I can feel this free flow around things that were obstacles for me. Very powerful work. An extra bonus to the work is a greater feeling of connectedness with Everything, as well as my team of guides, who seem to be "conversing" with me now daily after seeing her. She also teaches you how to ground and shield your energy. Highly recommend! S.C. Soul Retrieval

"My BQH session with Jen was a crazy good, unique, experience. I have never partaken with this kind of life exploration, and I was a bit nervous and doubtful . But there is no need to be, Jens guidance is pure, safe, and down to earth. There are two parts, first Jen leads you through a simple and beautiful  short meditation, (no experience necessary) .The meditation connects you with the earth, and the universe, creating a kind of electrical circuit. It doesn’t matter if you can’t focus or are a lousy meditator, Jen’s energy helps you into the space. The second part you relax on a massage table and she talks you through a visual inner journey. If you think you can’t do it, concentration wise, or visual wise, I found it doesn’t matter as all of the sudden amazing magic happens. I was able to visit myself as a young boy, the connection and communication with my young self was beautiful and profound. Jen has a special gift she is offering us regular people, and we are so lucky to have her around!" S.J. BQH session 

I had a soul retrieval session with Jenn and can only describe it as a kind of deep, soulful healing that helps you build soul connection and helps to free blockages in your life you may not have consciously understood. I have always been a spiritual being, and after the healing I have felt more awareness in my every day present moments, have felt releases and flows in areas of my life that have felt blocked, newfound joy, and greater connection to my own spiritual gifts. Thank you Jenn, I will be back for a BQH session, 10/10 recommend. Humanity needs this!  H.W.K. Soul Retrieval 

"Since we did our session, I feel somehow lighter, more free, and somehow things feel easier. It's hard for me to put to words. Also, now I often think about my energy field and my different bodies. Somehow it's made me feel more powerful..." .C.P. Soul Retrieval Session

"Just wanted to thank you for all the knowledge and time you spent with me..The session is still unraveling for me as my life moves on. I'm excited to schedule next for a BQH session. I appreciate your gifts so much!"      P.M. Soul Retrieval Session

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