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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Quantum Healing

BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) is a heart-based, intention-based method of healing that was founded by Candace Craw-Goldman, and is the evolution of the work of the legendary Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique (QHHT) of the late great Delores Cannon.

BQH involves facilitating deep relaxation to explore current, “past” and “future” lifetimes on Earth and throughout the multiverse. The client may connect with aspects of self, including the Higher Self, Subconscious or Super-conscious, Spirit Guides, Angels,  Ascended Masters, Divine Source, or other benevolent beings in order to receive guidance for questions and issues in the current lifetime.


Quantum Connect is a short form more conversational journey to unearth the language and imagery our Higher Consciousness employs to communicate with us. We come away from the session with a more developed pathway of communication to our Higher Selves, and this communication can continue to evolve in further work, as well as in Dream spaces. Many people experience inner child healing in Quantum Connect.  Quantum Connect can be  easier for people who have trouble entering or surrendering into a state of expanded consciousness, but it is no less powerful.


Both BQH and Quantum Connect are open format evolutions of the original QHHT format. In BQH, we can integrate various modalities into the session, such as Reiki, trauma release and transmutation, or Shamanic Soul Retrieval for a more complete experience. 

These forms of Quantum Healing are co-created, client driven journeys, orchestrated by the client's own highest soul aspect self. 

My experience is that the journey continues into the conscious awareness of the clients’ everyday life after they leave the session. The imagery, metaphors, memories or information received in the BQH session will continue to unfold over days, or even months. In this way it is truly a quantum healing experience. 


Anything is possible within a Quantum Healing session!


Is Quantum Healing for me?

 People come for a BQH or Soul Retrieval session for a multitude of reasons which include, but are not limited to: 

  • Feeling a strong draw to Quantum Healing work or to release density or "baggage"

  • Feeling drawn to Identify and release lifelong patterns and blocks from trauma

  • Having an awakening and feel strongly drawn to integrate soul aspects

  • Reconnect with, and integrate lost and fragmented aspects of self

  • Uncover or clarify life purpose and specific missions

  • Establish a connection and ability to communicate with higher self, guides, and Source

  • Applying more conscious awareness to dream world or plant medicine experiences

  • Uncover or gain deeper insight into the energetic root cause of specific health challenges and work towards resolving them.

Grounding and Energy Body Maintenance

Often, simply bringing conscious awareness to the codes and elements of our higher, expansive sphere of experience is enough to bring an integrative and therefore healing effect to our present life behaviors and issues. 

What can people experience in a Quantum Healing session?

  • Many people experience the journey as they experience their dream state, however with complete awareness and the ability to direct and question things.

  • People’s journeys can be highly metaphorical or very clear and direct. Most include both types of experiences.

  • Some people will experience significant slices of current or past lives, future lives, or parallel lives that assist them to understand current life patterns and blocks

  • Some people meet with their guides, angels, or soul family and receive guidance

  • Many people experience landscapes that are familiar from dreamstates.

  • Some journeys are meant to be an escape out of time. And can be rather euphorically experienced and this is what the guidance team brought them in for. 


         Sessions can combine some or all of the aspects above.





As we expand in our conscious awareness of the true nature of ourselves and our reality, we can let go of past density and identity in a loving, grounded way in order to allow our higher expression to blossom freely.

Elemental Grounding and Meditation

What is Shamanic Soul Retrieval?

Throughout our souls' journey we experience many joyful lifetimes and journeys, as well as many traumatic, and difficult lifetimes and experiences. These experiences leave an imprint and can remain in a person's energy field just as trauma from this current lifetime can. 

I liken my work with Soul Retrieval to inner child work in the traditional therapy setting. In some ways, it can be very similar to popular forms of trauma reprocessing and release, only we are engaging a wider spectrum of your dimensional experience as a soul, rather than just this lifetime. I am able to view soul elements that are "stuck" or playing a "broken record" and assist the client and clients highest self to escort this stuck fragment up to a more integrated consciousness, releasing the trauma and calling back the power stuck in that trauma block in a manageable and effortless way. There is always power to reclaim in releasing a trauma block. 

In these sessions, in addition to the trauma re-integration, often soul fragments will come forth who are offering only the remembrance of a powerful or joyfully connected lifetime experiences. 

What are the benefits of Soul Retrieval? 

Many people feel a great weight has been lifted, or a sense of openness. Long held traumatic blocks can release with ease, allowing for more authentic experience of life.  Often just bringing the trauma or soul fragment to the Conscious Awareness is enough to shift ancestral belief systems or trauma. Many people can feel reconnected with parts of themselves held back out of an unrecognized fear.

Chakra healing, Reiki, Quantum Healing

Grounding is the act of bringing gravity to our conscious awareness and using it as a tool. Affirming our electromagnetic circuitry with grounding is powerful in everyday life, but is absolutely vital when doing expansive consciousness work.

What is Quantum Connect?

Quantum Connect is a fun, conversational Quantum Exploration into your dimensional terrain to learn the "language" of your higher self, release old patterning, and begin to bridge your timeless Higher Consciousness to your present everyday awareness. 

I offer Quantum Connect in a singular session with a short reiki anchoring afterward, as well as in a hybrid format with BQH. Both are powerful sessions that bring forth major positive shifting in our day to day lives!

Where do you practice Quantum Healing?

I practice out of my space called 2nd Floor Portal on Gist. It is a New York style Bohemian loft space on the second floor of a working artist workspace on Gist Street in Uptown Pittsburgh. 

The space is used for music, art, meditation and gatherings. There is a bamboo garden outdoors and very flowing energy space.


The space is exceptionally unique on it's physical values alone, but I am especially happy with the energy of the space as it continues to work with me as a co creative participant in the healing work. 

The healing space at 2nd Floor Portal is a unique bohemian artist space in Uptown Pittsburgh

The healing Space at 2nd Floor Portal in Uptown Pittsburgh. 

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