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Services and Booking

Learn more about available sessions at booking link. If you have specific questions please reach out via the Contact page


Shamanic Soul Retrieval & Integration

2.5 hours  $250

Bringing Soul fragments into Conscious Awareness for healing and integration. Includes grounding, shielding, Quantum reiki, and transcript. See FAQ for more info.


BQH/ Quantum Connect hybrid session

3- 3.5 hours $333

Quantum Guided Relaxation Journey to bring closure, open communication with higher aspects, integrate plant medicine experiences, and more. Includes grounding, shielding, Quantum reiki and transcript. See FAQ for more info.


Quantum Connect

1.5 hours $175

A quicker stream of consciousness exploration of your guidance system and the symbolism and "language" of your higher self. Includes grounding and shielding. Thisis a fun intro to Quantum healing


 Quantum Connect w/ Soul Retrieval work

4.5 hours $450

A BQH journey with some soul retrieval integration. Quite an experience. 

Reiki and Sound Session
1 hour $100

1 hour Quantum Reiki treatment with Sound elements to balance and set frequencies

**If you are strongly guided to do this any of this work and are experiencing financial struggle, contact me to discuss options for sliding scale or payment plan pricing.

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