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How did I get here?

Desert Dunes

My name is Jenn Wertz. I have mainly been known as a musician; an original member of Rusted Root, a unique multi platinum selling 1990s rock band, as well as a mixed media visual artist, a writer, and mom. 

I first became aware of Quantum reality during the late 1990s. I had always been aware of there being “more” to life, to spirituality, and even had my own contact and experience with other realms before 1996, but it was more from an observer perspective; It was fun to ponder the various possibilities outside of our experience of reality, but I did not have the understanding of integrating it.


In 1996 I had an unprompted, spontaneous Kundalini Awakening while on a trip to the Southwest Desert. It was not fun or cool. It was ultimately a multi-year integration process before I could feel what I will call “normal.” I had little context and in the thick of it, I believed I had no support. 


But I did have support. I had a whole team of support that were guiding me, and eventually, who began to teach me things through a process that I now recognize as quantum “downloading”. This contact with my Higher Self and guidance system at that time was fascinating, but also isolating. 


In the year 2000, I made a conscious choice to block and walk away from my team of guides and all the heavy work. I wanted to go back to a “normal” life.  And so I did. 


Then 2020 came.  And in that quiet space of early 2020, my guidance team returned, out of the blue- They were asking me to disconnect from my systems of identity and disengage from group thinking, to turn off the media, the television. They were asking me to tune my "radio dial" to a different station on a higher frequency, one that had much less noise and static.


They said it was time to start bringing my Conscious Awareness out of the Consensus Reality and into the larger arena of existence. And perhaps most importantly, they wanted to make sure I remembered that “they” were actually the higher consciousness of “me”.  After that the remembrances and awakening became a full time job. 


Since 2020, I have had an accelerated re-immersion into my Quantum experience of reality. This time it has not been terrifying. It actually has been fun and cool, and I am now able to use my tools as well as understand why people may need help in this moment and in the years, months, and moments to come, as we collectively embark on a Quantum shift in human evolution. It is a much portended leap in consciousness for not just humanity, but for the Earth herself. 

In my own soul retrieval process, I have come to learn that all of the skills, knowings, and resolution to many issues we all face are already there within us and we have an infinite capacity to not only solve our issues, but to transcend and thrive in a whole different paradigm of existence. It is truly very real and exciting. 


If you are reading this now, you are on the path of awakening consciousness as your own guides and higher self brought you to this page and led you to read all the way to this last sentence. 


If you would like to know more about my journey, or would like to discuss becoming consciously aware of yours, please reach out via the contact page to discuss. 


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